Unleash your next level

Ik zal je helpen om gemakkelijk te kunnen afdalen in Presence.

Samen onderzoeken we daar nieuwe levels van receptiviteit, attunement, relating en knowing die zich daar zullen open voor jou.

In de diepte van Presence helen de wonden uit het verleden die je capaciteiten en ervaringen onbewust compromitteerden.

Nieuwe levenspaden zullen zich vanuit Presence ontvouwen. In de richting van je diepste aspiraties. Spontaan en effortless.

Why Coacing from Presence?

At certain points in our lives, we may need some guidance from a fresh source in order to find our best way forward.

Although our mind and feelings are generally great tools for navigating life, situations may arise when they are not providing enough clarity, inspiration or connection.

When this happens, it is a reliable indicator that we are out of touch with our essential nature. Out of touch with the wholeness and aliveness at the core of our being.

It is time to reconnect.

I will coach you back into connection with your essence. And with the essential parts of yourself, that have been neglected or slowly been forgotten about.

Presence is the experience of being one with the natural wholeness and aliveness at your core.
Presencing is the movement of falling back into connection.

I will show you what Presence is and will train you in the art of Presencing.

In Presence, silence provides more clarity than thoughts do.

In Presence, peacefulness reveals a more reliable direction than feelings do.

In Presence, your sense of separation evaporates and your mood will no longer be determined by other people,external situations and your life stories.

In Presence, being will be the ground of doing, not the other way around.

Master the art of Presencing now and reinstate the inner conditions to grow and flourish.